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Golden Time Golden Time Episode 11 Trouble Party 2013

Banri and Kōko ride the train and discuss Kōko's new Festival Club nickname "RoboGirl", so named because she looks like a robot when she dances.They look forward to the Awa dance festival and the beach trip they have planned. Banri worries about whether Kōko is the one who took the photo of Linda and him from his apartment. They meet up with the rest of the Festival Club, and discuss the preparations needed before the festival. Afterwards Banri speaks with the upperclassmen and asks for advice about his beach trip with Kōko. When they find out that Banri only intends to take her by train for a day trip, they tell him that a classy girl like Kōko won't be happy with the low-budget, simple trip he has planned. They advise him to get a job and make some money. Later Kōko tells him that she doesn't want him to get a job because it would mean they wouldn't get to see each other much. Kōko offers to pay for both of them on their trip. She tells him that she wants to spend as much time with him as she can, and admits that she worries about what he's doing when they're not together. She says that she knows she is awkward, overbearing, and annoying, but says she's learning to hold back. Kōko then tells Banri that she wishes she could shrink him down so that she can keep him with her in her bag for safety. Oka-chan walks up and says hello, then announces that she is on her way to her part time job. Oka-chan advises Banri that her employer is looking for more people, so they follow her to the upscale cafe where she works. Kōko, though, forbids Banri from working. Banri visits Nana to pay her back for cab fare and bring her cookies. Upon finding out Banri needs money, Nana invites him to be a waiter at a weekend party. She also insists he bring Mitsuo with him. Mitsuo resists the idea until the Tea Club tries to recruit them for questionable employment. On the night of the party Banri tells Mitsuo that Kōko had wanted to come over, but that he told her he had to work on a report. At the party, Banri finds himself dressed as a maid. The party host offers Mitsuo an extra 10,000 yen to wear nothing but a flesh-colored Speedo, which he accepts. While waiting on party-goers, Banri sees that Linda is also working at the party dressed as a devil girl. Meanwhile, Kōko is unable to contact Banri as he is not carrying his phone with him at the party. (Source: Wikipedia)