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Golden Time Golden Time Episode 2 Lonely Girl 2013

Banri has a dream of himself, apparently injured, fleeing from a hospital, but upon awakening cannot remember any more than that. Arriving at the university gate, he meets Kouko, who is waiting for Mitsuo, and the two talk some more. He notices that Kouko seems lonely without Mitsuo. Later that night, he tells Mitsuo about Kouko, but Mitsuo brushes it off, saying Kouko is just acting to get Banri to bring her to him. To brighten the mood, Mitsuo invites Banri to the Film Club's welcoming party, where club member Chinami got Mitsuo to join. The party was soon crashed however by the Tea Club's party, who drag Banri off to join in their festivities. He meets a new friend Takaya Satō, nicknamed Nijigen. The next day, Banri notices that Kouko has still not made any friends, and encourages her to join a club. Another student overhears them and invites the two to a café to tell them about her club, which lasts until dark. She invites them on her club's overnight trip to see if they would be willing to join. Still wanting to help Kouko, Banri decides to accompany Kouko when she agrees to go. (Source: Wikipedia)